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The Portrayal of Iraqi Refugees in BBC Online News Reports (2012): A Critical Discourse Analysis

Journal of Al-qadisiya in arts and educational sciense, 2018, Volume 18, Issue 3, Pages 1-28

The continuous unstable political، social and economic conditions have urged a number of Iraqi people to flee their homes to neighboring countries and Europe seeking refuge for safety and well-being. This situation has placed Iraqis in the focus of Western media news reports and how they are portrayed. Thus، media discourse plays a salient role in the representation of Iraqi refugees in the different political predicaments that Iraq has passed through. This paper aims at identifying the strategies and categories that are used to represent Iraqi refugees in selected media news report along with the ideological viewpoints in terms of the dichotomy in-group and out-group. To achieve these aims، the researchers analyse one news report taken from British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) in 2012 from the perspective of critical discourse analysis. Accordingly، the researchers adopt van Leeuwen’s (2008) sociological categories of actor representation and van Dijk (1998) ideological square. The researchers select some categories from van Leeuwen’s (2008) approach such as genericisation/specification، assimilation، individualisation، aggregation، dissociation، activation/passivation، nomination. Moreover، ideology also analysed in terms of in-group and out-group. The study concludes that generic references represent most of the social actors in active roles in describing the main events related to the representation of the social actors. Ideologically، the Dutch government، Hague court، Dutch policemen and the Iraqi government are negatively represented and this shows the neutrality of BBC news reports in the representation of Iraqi refugees. Key Words: BBC Online News reports، Critical discourse analysis، Refugees، Representation، Ideology

Translation as English language teaching methodology- To teach or not to teach!

Journal of Al-qadisiya in arts and educational sciense, 2018, Volume 18, Issue 3, Pages 38-46

It is widely assumed that the main objective of second language teaching is to concentrate the particular features of the second language in order to get the learners’ attention on the theoretical aspect of the language, and to get them as proficient as possible in comparison to a native speaker. In other word, teachers should avoid any reference to the learners’ first language as it might cause distraction and disruption to the learning process. However, translation can be understood as general interpretative activity that is always involved in the process of comprehension of the pragmatic meaning not only within one language but also across languages. It is an alternative way to language learning through engaging students in the pragmatic process and in making meaning regardless of the learning form. Consequently, the aim and objectives of learning a second language would be measured not only on how learners are close to native speaker competency but also through the learners’ capability for using linguistic resources to pragmatic effect.
Key words: First language (L1), Second Language (L2), acquisition, translation

The Effect Of Guided Fantasy And Random Excitement Strategies In Creative Thinking Development And Emotional Intelligence For First Intermediate Class Male Pupils In Physics

Journal of Al-qadisiya in arts and educational sciense, 2012, Volume 12, Issue 3, Pages 116-147

The goal of the current research is to identify the effect of guided and random excitement strategies in creative thinking development and emotional intelligence for first intermediate class male pupils in physics, researchers selected the ( Nahda) intermediate male school, of the Directorate-General for education of Diwaniyah, for the first and second semesters of the academic year (-).A.D.
The sample consisted of() pupils in three classes randomly selected from five classes to represent both experimental groups and the control group, and reality () pupils in the experimental groups and () pupils for the control group, the researcher had been prepared research equipment’s (identify the scientific subjects, formulating behavioral objectives, teaching plans for the three groups), three groups have been eqnated in the following variables (Age in months, previous information, creative thinking, emotional intelligence).
First experimental group hase been tought using guided imagery strategy and the second experimental group have been tought using the strategy of random excitation while the control group hase been tought the usual way.
The researchers applied three tools, Torrance creative thinking test, both formal and acoustic, emotional intelligence scale was prepared by himself too consisting of () a paragraph and its saykomtric properties were extracted.
After teaching all physics subjects the researchers applied the three tools in the end of his experiment.
Researchers used statistical pouch (SPPS) and variance analysis, and statistical methods, as Scheffe equation to data processing, the results were as follows:

.Superiority of both experimental group pupils among the pupils of the control group in creative thinking test.
. Superiority of both experimental group pupils among the pupils of the control group in emotional intelligence scale.
In the light of the results of a research the researchers put a number of recommendations including, encouraged physics teachers to use guide fantasy and random excitement strategies in teaching physics by engaging them in their training courses to help pupils developed their creative thinking, definition physics teachers during the induction and training to guided fantasy and random excitement strategies and how to set up teaching plans in their light .
To complement to this research, the researchers suggested to conducting a study to investigate the obstacles to implementation or guided fantasy and random excitement strategies in teaching physics in intermediate school and secondary school, and later studies similar to this research in other classes and other subjects and other dependent variables

"Beyond the Mask" : A Study in the Functions of the Mask in W.B. Yeats 's The Dreaming of the Bones, Luigi Pirandello's Henry IV and Jean Genet's The Blacks

Amaal Jassim Muhammed

Journal of Al-qadisiya in arts and educational sciense, 2010, Volume 10, Issue 3, Pages 17-38

The mask, a device as old as the drama itself, is a central component of several modern plays by W. B. Yeats, Luigi Pirandello and Jean Genet. Although for different reasons and in profoundly different ways each seeks to dramatize through it what it could not be expressed without it. Yet the presence of the mask in their plays, whether as a metaphorical concept or an actual use, delineates two fundamental aspects of modern drama: first the desire to create a "work of art" on the stage that has a ritual significance, secondly the modernists' propensity to dramatize philosophical and psychological ideas. So the intent of the present paper is to investigate the signification of the use of mask in W.B. Yeats 's The Dreaming of the Bones, Luigi Pirandello's Henry IV and Jean Genet's The Blacks. With his weariness, regret, embarrassment and longing, J. Alfred Prufrock announces the moral "self-effacement"1 of modern age. Spiritually exhausted, he is forced to project a persona, to put on a mask. Prufrock suffers the modern soul's dilemma : an inability to activate thought, a failure to transform words into action. He wears a mask neither comic nor tragic.

The Effectiveness of Graphic organizer in Catering Information for Fifth – Grade Female Students – The Scientific Specialization

Dr. Alaa Ahmed Abed Alwahed

Journal of Al-qadisiya in arts and educational sciense, 2015, Volume 15, Issue 2, Pages 381-448

The present paper is concerned with highlighting the effectiveness of Fishbone Diagram ( fishbone diagram ) for catering information for fifth- grade female students (the scientific specialization) . the research sample comprised 62 female students divided into 2 groups: 32 female students as an empirical group and 30 female students as control . The students were randomly chosen from Al-Rabab Secondary school (The Education Directorate in Al-Diwaniya) . The researcher devised a tool to measurement information catering of 70 items, After measurement the psychometric factors of the tool (validity and reliability) the tool finally comprised 60 items of three choices (always, sometimes, rarely) The results have shown that the students who studied according to the fishbone diagram were better than the control, The research ends with some recommendation and suggestion .

The Psychological Bases of Lawrence'sSons and Lovers: Some Educational Implications

Wiaam Abdul-Wahab Taha Al-Bayati; Ph. D

Journal of Al-qadisiya in arts and educational sciense, 2008, Volume 8, Issue 1, Pages 114-127

Lawrence is said to be a writer who, while writing, goes deeper into the human mind and soul. For those who charge him of obscenity and those who think that he calls for the practice of sex as such, a word of caution is necessary. Lawrence’s concept of love and sex is based on the rationalisation of both and directing them towards supreme and legal purposes of pre-creation. He, in fact, identifies the deeper psychological needs of human beings to combine the mental and bodily, spiritual, and physical properties for the sake of achieving a real humanitarian sense of love and sex. Though most of the books on Lawrence have tackled this issue, this study has approached it from both a psychological and educational perspective.

The development in the concept of the East in European Thought as Exemplified by European Explorers'Writings

Journal of Al-qadisiya in arts and educational sciense, 2011, Volume 11, Issue 2, Pages 35-59

Over successive historical eras, the East
witnessed the influx of great numbers of
European travelers who tried their best to
unravel its talismans and secrets. The East
always represented mystery and magic for
the Europeans. Despite the numerous studies
that tackles the European travelers, they
neglected important and basic sides of these
travels, especially the development of the
concept of the East in the European thought.
In addition, these studies lacked a
comprehensive view because of the difficulty
to access all the travels and the intermingling of the studies over the successive periods;
hence, there arose the importance of the
present study.
The study, which draws heavily on
original sources, falls into an introduction
and three sections which deal with these
travels respectively. The sections begin
tackling the pioneers who started the
exploration of the East – the mysterious
world – through the interest in the universe
and its philosophy. Then, they move to the
development of the European thought, viz.
the Middle Ages , or the age of faith, during
which the East became an enemy and a
competitor after the spread of the Arab
Islamic civilization; thence, appeared the
East/West ideology that is related to the
self/other binarism. The third phase dealt
with in the sections of the study is that which
tackles the East as an arena of the political,
economic, and religious competition.
European travelers of various backgrounds,
nationalities , and objectives started roaming
the East; politics intermingled with religion
and exploration. Each phase is characterized
by specific features represented partially by
the travellors.

The extent to which science processes are considered in content of physics books for the intermediate school

Journal of Al-qadisiya in arts and educational sciense, 2011, Volume 11, Issue 2, Pages 100-116

The current search aims to find out
the extent to which science processes
are considered in the content of
physics books for the intermediate
school , content analysis is the way
followed to descriptive approach , and
designed the tool analysis of the
content especially for that , the total
number of pages analyzed (353) pages
after the completion of the analysis
and ensure that charity and
persistence using the equation of
Cooper and the use of a ranger of
experts in addition to the use of frequencies and percentages for the
treatment of statistical , it was
concluded that the book Physics of the
third grade average was more
interested in processes of science ,
reaching a rate of (42.41 %) and books
of physics con cerned with the process
of measurement is large and has the
highest a percentage (18.1%) occurred while the process of using relations of
space and time and the process of
communication at alower rate (1.62%)
and (2.34%) , respectively , while the
neglected books of the three Predicting
process and , in general , the books
have together achieved (11) out of the
process of science (12) and by
(91.67%) .

The Use of Folkloric Tradition in Ibin – Hani Al-Andalusi's poetry: An Objectives study

Journal of Al-qadisiya in arts and educational sciense, 2010, Volume 10, Issue 3, Pages 5-19

The present paper is concerned with the
use of folkloric tradition in Ibin Hani'
AL- Andalusi's poetry from an objective
point of view. The paper focuses on
several aspects of this tradition such as:
the poet's attitude to the people in
general, their social, political and
intellectual per suits, the use folk heroes,
symbols, customs…..etc

Georgian Poetry between Tradition and Innovation

Journal of Al-qadisiya in arts and educational sciense, 2009, Volume 9, Issue 2, Pages 1-8

The present paper investigates one of the prominent traditions of modern English poetry, Georgian poetry which was common at the turn of the twentieth century. It aims to remove the misconceptions about this trend and whether it was really a mere copy of traditional English poetry of nature. This is done by citing a number of representative poets and poems which show the innovative aspects of this poetry.

Publisher: Al-Qadisiyah University

Editor-in-chief: Professor Dr. Sarhan Jafat Salman

ISSN: 2519-6162

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