Volume 12, Issue 3, Autumn 2012, Page 3-275

Nouns structures derived from Imam Hussein daughter, Fatima's speech (peace be upon them) - Morphological Study in structure and meaning.

Assist; Prof. Dr. Nisreen Abdullah Shanoof

Journal of Al-qadisiya in arts and educational sciense, 2012, Volume 12, Issue 3, Pages 5-37

This research deals with the study of derived nouns structures and their meaning in Fatimas speech (peace be on her ) thus I found that it contains the following:
A: Gerund; it contains the following structures:
Subjects that contains:
A: Stability
B: past
C: proper noun
Object nouns
Exaggeration ; It Includes two forms:
Fae'el " its meanings in her speech are
A:object noun moufa'al
B: mon fil
C: mou fail
D: proper noun
I studied these structures and Increase letters in as well as their morphological meaning. She was an speaking Quran like her father (the Prophet – peace be upon them),there are so many morphological meanings found in her speech in holy Quran and I mentioned the Quranic verses that includes these meanings and I stated them in the ideas of explainers and linguists .

Zero Morphemes in Arabic Language Structures :

Journal of Al-qadisiya in arts and educational sciense, 2012, Volume 12, Issue 3, Pages 38-49

This paper is concerned with zero morphemes in Arabic language structures , their applications and function in syntactic change . The paper also tries to see whether zero morphemes are the first unit used in structural analysis , and whether they are still accepted by scholars of Arabic language .

The Open Text in Modern Western Criticism

Journal of Al-qadisiya in arts and educational sciense, 2012, Volume 12, Issue 3, Pages 63-89

This paper is entitled “ The Open Text in Modern Arabic Criticism ,, It is concerned with a noteworthy phenomenon in Arabic creative writings in modern age , i.e, the open text. It is , in this case , concerned with highlighting the changes the Arabic creative writings have undergone from the traditional poetry to the open text. The concept , under study , emanater from philosophical enlightenment that dates back to the Western and Arabic backgrounds; this effected eventually the Arabic conception that resulted consequently in the open text. The researcher worked hard to understand reverberations of this new topic. Hence , he has tried hard to fathom its parallel developing areas , Arabic modernism.
The paper falls into two parts. The first is concerned with the open text. It studies the antecedent changes before the open text. It is subdivided into three chapters. The first chapter tackles the beginnings of modernism and change. It , also touches upon the dialectic of stability and change in Arabic literature and the early encounter with the new western thought and the beginnings of the interrelationship amongst literary genres in addition to the development of the concept of poetry. This chapter surveyed the critical practices from the nineteenth century to the end of the first half of the twentieth century. The second chapter is about the verse time ; it is about the rhythm of free verse in modern Arabic poetry which began with the end of the forties of the twentieth century.
Chapter three, which is concerned with the poetic sentence, focuses on the Arabic prose poem and the changes in Arabic poetics. It is subdivided into four sections discussing the changes that led to the open text.
The second part deals with the open text in modern Arabic criticism. It falls into four chapters which are entitled " The Open Text in Modern Western Criticism" " The Milieu of the Open Text " " The Concept of the Open Text " and " The Reception of the Open Text by the Arabs " respectively.

The Effect of Teaching by the model of Analogies in prompting the realization of Historiz conceptual relationship in 2nd year intermediate pupils

Journal of Al-qadisiya in arts and educational sciense, 2012, Volume 12, Issue 3, Pages 90-115

This research aims at knowing the effects of “Analogies Model ” in developing the acquiring of conceptual relations to the subject of history for second intermediate pupils.
To achieve the aim of this research, the following hypothesis were composed:
There are no statistical difference at level ( 0.05 ) between the average marks of the experimental group pupils who study according to the analogy model and the average marks of the controlled group pupils who study in the normal method in developing the acquiring of conceptual relations, thus the researcher used experimental design that has a partial control for tow groups: the experience and controller groups that has pre-test and post-test. And he chose randomly a sample of second intermediate pupils from Habeeb Ibn Mudhahir al-Asadi Secondary School for Boys in Diwaniyah. In 2010/2011.
The research sample contained of (65) pupils. (32) in the experience group that all of its pupils study according to the analogies model and (33) pupils from the controller group who study according to the normal method.
Both groups (experimental and controller) were equated in a number of variables (temporal age counted by months, marks of mid year and first term history subject exams for pupils, intelligence and the acquiring of conceptual relations test.
The researcher limited the material in the last three chapters (the third, the fourth and the sixth chapter) of the book (History of the Islamic Arabic Civilization for Second Intermediate) . The researcher formed ( 100 ) behavioral objectives for these chapters.

The Effect Of Guided Fantasy And Random Excitement Strategies In Creative Thinking Development And Emotional Intelligence For First Intermediate Class Male Pupils In Physics

Journal of Al-qadisiya in arts and educational sciense, 2012, Volume 12, Issue 3, Pages 116-147

The goal of the current research is to identify the effect of guided and random excitement strategies in creative thinking development and emotional intelligence for first intermediate class male pupils in physics, researchers selected the ( Nahda) intermediate male school, of the Directorate-General for education of Diwaniyah, for the first and second semesters of the academic year (-).A.D.
The sample consisted of() pupils in three classes randomly selected from five classes to represent both experimental groups and the control group, and reality () pupils in the experimental groups and () pupils for the control group, the researcher had been prepared research equipment’s (identify the scientific subjects, formulating behavioral objectives, teaching plans for the three groups), three groups have been eqnated in the following variables (Age in months, previous information, creative thinking, emotional intelligence).
First experimental group hase been tought using guided imagery strategy and the second experimental group have been tought using the strategy of random excitation while the control group hase been tought the usual way.
The researchers applied three tools, Torrance creative thinking test, both formal and acoustic, emotional intelligence scale was prepared by himself too consisting of () a paragraph and its saykomtric properties were extracted.
After teaching all physics subjects the researchers applied the three tools in the end of his experiment.
Researchers used statistical pouch (SPPS) and variance analysis, and statistical methods, as Scheffe equation to data processing, the results were as follows:

.Superiority of both experimental group pupils among the pupils of the control group in creative thinking test.
. Superiority of both experimental group pupils among the pupils of the control group in emotional intelligence scale.
In the light of the results of a research the researchers put a number of recommendations including, encouraged physics teachers to use guide fantasy and random excitement strategies in teaching physics by engaging them in their training courses to help pupils developed their creative thinking, definition physics teachers during the induction and training to guided fantasy and random excitement strategies and how to set up teaching plans in their light .
To complement to this research, the researchers suggested to conducting a study to investigate the obstacles to implementation or guided fantasy and random excitement strategies in teaching physics in intermediate school and secondary school, and later studies similar to this research in other classes and other subjects and other dependent variables

Problems experienced by students and the impact of residence in the dormitories to be studying at the Technical Institute of Essaouira

Journal of Al-qadisiya in arts and educational sciense, 2012, Volume 12, Issue 3, Pages 216-232

Students hostels at colleges and technical institutes are places to accommodate students who want housing in the light of their social, economic, academic, security etc. , (  ) sections , (  ) for males and (  ) for females which differ in terms of the type of building and absorptive capacity and the type of assets. (  % ) of which is owned by the Technical Education and (  % ) rented from the private sector .Hostels of the Technical Institute of Essaouira included (  ) buildings of two floors for students and (  ) houses of one floor for female students absorbing a number (  ). There hostels were used for the first time for the academic year  - and is located within the Institute and at a distance of not more than (  m) of the farthest.
The aim of the search is to know the effect of housing and the problems experienced by students in hostels on their academic achievement. A stratified random sample of (  ) male and female students, were distributed by academic department, class and sex, formed the sample (  % ) of the research community, which is in turn (  % ) of the total students of the Institute. The required data were obtained from the hostel and the unity of Student Affairs and the examination committee. The analysis of these data showed that the success rate of students living in the hostels ( . % ) while the percentage of success for students outside the hostels (  % ).

The Idolized King in the Mesopotamia Culture

Journal of Al-qadisiya in arts and educational sciense, 2012, Volume 12, Issue 3, Pages 233-242

This paper is concerned with the notion of the idolized king in the Mesopotamia culture which represents an important aspect during the period from the third century before Christ . The idolization of the king by ancient Iraqi people emanated from authentic mythic , social and religions foundations which had an organic relation to the history and heritage of this country both intellectual and material .

Illocution in Functional Discourse Grammar

Assist. Prof. Maha Tahir Eesa; Kareem Jreinik Nayyef

Journal of Al-qadisiya in arts and educational sciense, 2012, Volume 12, Issue 3, Pages 3-16

Functional Discourse Grammar (FDG) has its own way in dealing with illocutions. Illocutions in FDG are divided into abstract illocutions and performative verbs. This paper sheds light on the way FDG deals with illocution according to its current frame showing its inability to deal with implicit illocutions. The study suggests a new view depending on context and concept to deal with such illocutions. A new frame is proposed with analyses of different examples to test its applicability as a step towards the development of the theory.

The Thriller Genre In Dan Brown's Novel Angels And Demons

Assist. Prof. Qassim Salman Sarhan; Alyaa Nadhim M; hammed

Journal of Al-qadisiya in arts and educational sciense, 2012, Volume 12, Issue 3, Pages 17-37

Thriller is a genre of fiction in which heroes are pitted against villains determined to destroy them, their country, or the stability of the world. This genre is often associated with adventure and detective fiction. Thriller genre uses suspense, tension, and excitement as their main elements. It is mostly characterized by an atmosphere of menace, violence, and murder. This genre includes sub-genres, which may include elements of other genres. A wide ranging conspiracy involving governments, terrorists or secret brotherhood is also what makes a good thriller. Dan Brown is not a new-comer to this genre. Each of his novels includes intricate plots, and intriguing conspiracy theories with breathless, edge of the seat action. Brown's novels introduces collection of codes, puzzles, anagrams, ambigrams, and messages hidden in famous scientific discoveries and Art works, as new thrilling devices.