Volume 15, Issue 2, Spring 2015, Page 21-448

The Effectiveness of Graphic organizer in Catering Information for Fifth – Grade Female Students – The Scientific Specialization

Dr. Alaa Ahmed Abed Alwahed

Journal of Al-qadisiya in arts and educational sciense, 2015, Volume 15, Issue 2, Pages 381-448

The present paper is concerned with highlighting the effectiveness of Fishbone Diagram ( fishbone diagram ) for catering information for fifth- grade female students (the scientific specialization) . the research sample comprised 62 female students divided into 2 groups: 32 female students as an empirical group and 30 female students as control . The students were randomly chosen from Al-Rabab Secondary school (The Education Directorate in Al-Diwaniya) . The researcher devised a tool to measurement information catering of 70 items, After measurement the psychometric factors of the tool (validity and reliability) the tool finally comprised 60 items of three choices (always, sometimes, rarely) The results have shown that the students who studied according to the fishbone diagram were better than the control, The research ends with some recommendation and suggestion .