Volume 18, Issue 2, Spring 2018, Page 1-461

Identifying Teachers' Awareness of their Roles in Active Learning and Teacher Development

Journal of Al-qadisiya in arts and educational sciense, 2018, Volume 18, Issue 2, Pages 1-25

The present study aims to outline the most important factors that influence teachers' fulfillment of their roles and functions in language classrooms. It discusses aspects that teachers need to be aware of to help their students in active learning whether as listeners or active participants in classroom interaction with the focus on giving them the opportunity to express themselves and at the same time on reduction of teacher's talking time.
These factors include language awareness, methodology awareness and how to develop interactive classrooms.
In addition to a very important factor in successful language teaching, that is, an ongoing professional development that helps teachers update their subject matter knowledge, which is considered as a first step, as well as methodology knowledge which helps them to implement appropriate procedures in interactive classrooms. To fulfill the purpose of this study, a questionnaire was used by the researcher and applied to a sample of (50) teachers of English in AL-Qadissiya directorate of Education. The questionnaire was used by the researcher to have an understanding of the way teachers consider factors related to their roles in the classroom and statistical analysis was also used to describe the results.
Key words: Teacher's role, Active learning, Teacher's awareness.